Obey the rules of the road.

Obey the instructions from the flagman at all times.

Do not throw objects at a moving train – it is incredibly dangerous and will also damage the train.


If you are in need of assistance, go to the Coach Controller or Train Manager.

Obey the instructions given by our Train Manager (orange visi-vest) and our Coach Controllers (yellow visi-vest).

Please do not stand or kneel on the furniture and tables, and keep dirty feet off too.

Everyone loves to peek out of the window, but please do not hang out of the windows.

Please be careful when taking photos or just looking around.

Please do not throw litter out of the windows – cleaning staff and bins are available on board.

No bare feet – the plates between the coaches shift and passengers are at risk of getting injured if their feet are bare.

We do sell snacks on the train for the moment, but cannot accommodate food on the train and therefore do not allow you to bring your own food on the train.

Baby food is of course permitted, we just ask that you please be careful when feeding. There are always exceptions, just please speak to us ahead of time (examples – food allergies, dietary requirements, etc.).


Should passengers require medical assistance, there will always be a First Aid officer on the train with a First Aid kit. Report the incident to a Coach Controller or the Train Manager immediately and they will assist you.

In the most unlikely event of a fire, there are serviced and working fire extinguishers on each coach. Report it to the Coach Controller or Train Manager who will attend to the matter.