• Day Sitter seating – R575 per adult, R450 per child, R500 per pensioner (60 and over)
  • Family Coupe seating – R1650 for the unit (Max 3 adults, 1 child)
  • Family Compartment seating – R3150 for the unit (Max 6 adults)
  • Bar Lounge seating – R799 per seat (no under 18’s)
  • Lounge Seating  – R799 per seat
  • Observation Car Seating- R899 per seat

Let History Transport You

Journey Timeline

  • 07h00 – 07h45: Passengers Arrive
  • 07h15: Train arrives at the platform
  • 07h15 – 07h55: Passenger boarding
  • 08h00: Departure
  • 11h00 – 11h30 : Arrival at Simon’s Town
    • This time may change due to delays on the rail network with regards to crossing other trains, infrastructure maintenance, and other safety checks. Delays in excess of 30 – 60 minutes are not uncommon and should be planned for.
  • 13h00: Train opens for reboarding (passengers to board at their leisure)
  • 14h30: Departure from Simon’s Town
  • 17h30 – 18h00: Arrival back in Cape Town.
    • Passengers are advised not to arrange evening events after the train at a time too close to the arrival of the train back in Cape Town due to possible delays in arrival.


    • The ticket is a return ticket and includes the cost of your journey with us.
    • No personal food and drink items are permitted onboard. We have a fully stocked bar, dining car (for snacks), and coffee onboard. Payment by cash or card is accepted.
    • The train is wheelchair friendly in our Lounge Car seating only.
    • No smoking is permitted onboard.
    • A light jersey or jacket is advisable in the case of sudden weather changes.
    • We strive to have a steam locomotive as part of the trip at all times, but there is the rare occasion that we have a breakdown and are forced to use a diesel locomotive.

General Rules and Other Info

  • Safety is our biggest priority onboard, please be sure to read through the points below and communicate them to your children too. Failure to adhere to rules and instructions may lead to you being asked to leave the train.
  • First of all, our friendly coach controllers are responsible for your safety onboard and will be introducing themselves to you once onboard. Please ask them any questions you may have, and obey any instructions they give you.
  • NB 1:  This is a smoke and vape free train. Where possible, stops will be made en-route for those who wish to smoke.
  • NB 2: Please only embark/disembark when told to do so by a Coach Controller. This is for all stops, stations or other unforeseen circumstances.
  • NB 3: Do not open any doors whilst the train is moving or when stopping at a station.
  • NB 4: Never throw anything out of the train. This includes sweets, chips and other items for people who may be along the tracks. (This is a fineable offence)
  • NB 5: When looking out of windows, please do not lean out, as there is vegetation along the tracks that may cause injury.
  • NB 6: Walking barefoot on the train is strictly prohibited. The step-over plates between the coaches shift with the movement of the train and may cause pinching and injury. Closed shoes are recommended where possible.
  • NB 7: Please stick to your pre-allocated seats, unless the coach controller has transferred you to a different seat.
  • NB 8: When approaching a tunnel, the coach controller will inform you to close your windows. This prevents unnecessary smoke from entering the train.
  • NB 9: If there is a power failure onboard, please do not use the normal flush toilets. Also, do not use the toilets when the train is standing still.
  • NB 10: Glassware and beverages may not be taken off the train onto a station platform due to limitations of our liquor license.
  • NB 11: The train is a family environment; drunken and rowdy behaviour places others at risk. We reserve the right to limit further sale of alcohol at our discretion.
  • NB 12: Parents are responsible for their children. Children under 10 are not permitted to explore the train on their own. Running onboard is also not allowed.
  • NB 13: We cannot control the actions of communities alongside the rail line, although we do out best to. We do have sporadic incidents of stones that are thrown at the train through certain areas; we undertake to do our best to monitor the known hotspots to ensure passengers are protected, and communities are engaged. We have patrollers on duty at various points along the railway line as required.

In Case of Emergency

  • Should passengers require medical assistance, there will always be a First Aid officer on the train with a First Aid kit. Report the incident to a Coach Controller or the Train Manager immediately, and they will assist you.
  • In the most unlikely event of a fire, there are serviced and working fire extinguishers in each coach. Report it to the Coach Controller or Train Manager who will attend to the matter.
  • Should an evacuation be necessary, please only do so once instructed to, and also only exit at a position where it is safe to do so.
Please note, our movements on the tracks are subject to Transnet Freight Rail and Metrorail authorisations. We are under their control and thus are not able to control all delays and other issues.
We do advise passengers to not make any important arrangements due to start directly after our trip due to the risk of delays.