On the Train

Rail is the perfect platform from which to absorb the grandeur of this fair Cape. Trains have a certain inextricable mystique about them. It is little wonder they’re often the setting for romantic rendezvous, murder mysteries and elaborate heists. Perhaps it’s the unstoppable forward momentum; the intimacy of the enclosed space or the sense of adventure and anticipation they evoke.

Our guests spend their time on the train doing what they enjoy best, whether mingling in the bar, reading a book, taking in the sights, catching up with family, or closing their eyes and letting their senses take them back to another place in time.

Let History Transport You

Seating Types

Day Sitter

Day Sitter seating is typical of your suburban commuter coaches used from the 1960’s into the 1980’s.

The environment onboard is one a jovial nostalgia.


Family Compartments are typical of your 4-berth sleeper coaches as used on First Class trains up to the late 1980’s. Our Family Compartments seat a maximum of 6 adults and most have a fold down table, two bunks, and two windows as well as a door for privacy.

Bar Lounge

The bar lounge is a relaxed environment in typical lounge seating configurations with seats that can be reconfigured as needed depending on bookings. The bar area can become quite lively on some trips.


Family Coupes are typical of your 2-berth sleeper coaches as used on First Class trains up to the late 1980’s. Our Family Coupes seat a maximum of 3 adults (or 2 adults with 2 small children) and most have a fold down table, one bunk, and a window as well as a door for privacy.


Lounge seating is a relaxed environment with seating on comfortable lounge suite couches and easy access to the bar and snack facilities.

Observation Car

The Observation Car is the last coach in the train with a large rear window. A bar in the coach, with dedicated barman ensures that this seat is the best one in the house. Generally the coach is reserved for group bookings, but can be booked by individuals and smaller groups on occasion.

Onboard Services and Offerings

Drinks & Cocktails

We have two bar areas on the train, the central area being accessible to all passengers on the train.

We serve the standard beers, wines and sparkling wines, as well as a number of bespoke cocktails.

Coffee & Hot Drinks

We have two baristas onboard the train serving anything from a straight Americano to a Frozen Mocha.

Food & Snacks

A variety of foods and snacks are for sale onboard. Our caterers are halaal friendly.

Not everything on the menu is available on all trips.