A day filled with mystery and intrigue!


  • Day Sitter seating – R500 per adult, R400 per pensioner (over 60), R400 per child (under 17)
  • Family Coupe (3 Adults, OR 2 adults and 2 children) – R1700 for the whole coupe
  • Family Compartment (6 persons) – R2850 for the whole compartment
  • Lounge Car Seating  –  R750 per seat
  • Bar Lounge Seating (No under 18’s) – R650 per seat
  • Observation Car – R850 per seat

Journey Timeline

  • 08:00 – 08:45 – Passengers Arrive & Boarding
  • 08:00 – Train arrives at the platform
  • 09:03:14 – Departure
  • 17:00 – 18:00 – Arrival back in Cape Town
    • Passengers are advised not to arrange evening events after the train at a time too close to the arrival of the train back in Cape Town due to possible delays in arrival.


    • The ticket is a return ticket and includes the cost of your journey with us.
    • We have a fully stocked bar, dining car (for snacks), and coffee onboard. We will be taking pre-orders for light meals. Payment by cash or card is accepted.
    • We are currently not wheelchair accessible unless the person is able to board without the wheelchair.
    • No smoking is permitted onboard.
    • Closed shoes are advisable, but not compulsory
    • A light jersey or jacket is advisable in the case of sudden weather changes.

General Rules and Other Info

    • If you are in need of assistance, go to the Coach Controller or Train Manager.
    • Obey the instructions given by our Train Manager (orange visi-vest) and our Coach Controllers (yellow visi-vest).
    • Please do not stand or kneel on the furniture and tables, and keep dirty feet off too.
    • Everyone loves to peek out of the window, but please do not hang out of the windows; it is dangerous due to vegetation along the track as well as soot from the steam locomotive.
    • Please do not throw litter out of the windows – cleaning staff and bins are available on board.
    • No bare feet – the plates between the coaches shift and passengers are at risk of getting injured if their feet are bare.
    • We cannot control the actions of communities alongside the rail line. There have been incidents of stone throwing in the past; we undertake to do our best to monitor the known hotspots to ensure passengers are aware, and communities are engaged.