Hop aboard the Schweppes Jazz Train for a leisurely cruise to Milnerton. Watch the sunset, enjoy the views of Table Mountain and Robben Island, and soak in the sounds of smooth jazz. 

The journey departs from Harbour Bridge Platform (close to the Cape Town International Convention Centre) and takes a slow meander to the seaside in Milnerton.

Onboard our train, guests can enjoy the wonderful scenery whilst enjoying their meal, sipping on drinks from our fully licensed cash bar, and relaxing whilst our artists play in the background.

The artists featured on this train, each in their own area, are:

Guests are free to wander throughout the train and experience a little bit of every artist.


  • R990
    • Includes the return journey and your choice of meal (selected after check-out)

Meal Options (by “The Wok Bar”)

  • Egg Noodle, Chicken Umami
  • Veggie Red Thai Curry with Rice
  • Chicken Salomie


    • The ticket is a return ticket and includes the cost of your journey with us, as well as a meal onboard (pre-selected at checkout)
    • We have a fully stocked bar and coffee onboard. Payment by cash or card is accepted.
    • We are currently not wheelchair accessible unless the person is able to board without the wheelchair.
    • No smoking is permitted onboard.
    • Closed shoes are to be worn at all times.
    • A light jersey or jacket is advisable in the case of sudden weather changes.

General Rules and Other Info

    • If you are in need of assistance, go to the Coach Controller or Train Manager.
    • Obey the instructions given by our Train Manager (orange visi-vest) and our Coach Controllers (yellow visi-vest).
    • Please do not stand or kneel on the furniture and tables, and keep dirty feet off too.
    • Everyone loves to peek out of the window, but please do not hang out of the windows; it is dangerous due to vegetation along the track as well as soot from the steam locomotive.
    • Please do not throw litter out of the windows – cleaning staff and bins are available on board.
    • No bare feet – the plates between the coaches shift and passengers are at risk of getting injured if their feet are bare.
    • We cannot control the actions of communities alongside the rail line. There have been incidents of stone throwing in the past; we undertake to do our best to monitor the known hotspots to ensure passengers are aware, and communities are engaged.